Cybersecurity 101 for CMMC

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM) (EDT)


U.S. manufacturers are the 2nd most targeted industry when it comes to cyber-attacks.

How does your company measure up when it comes to cybersecurity? How well can you trust your local managed service provider (MSP) or IT staff to protect your data? Think of what types of critical information is sitting somewhere on your network – do you know what it is, where it is located and how it is being protected? How long can you afford to be down should you be hit with ransomware? Due to the shortage of cyber talent, most companies and MSPs don’t have the time, talent, resources or knowledge to put up a good defense. Ignorance however, is not a good excuse – to stakeholders, customers, the government - should your information be compromised.


Cyber hygiene starts with the basics and so does this first in a series of cyber-centric webinars. The first lesson is that cybersecurity is a team sport, not solely an IT function – this webinar is open to the company CEO/President/Owner, COO, CFO, HR Manager, Legal, Operations Manager and of course, any and all IT staff.


A few of the topics we will cover in the 45-minute presentation will be:

  • Cybersecurity - and why it matters
  • Types of attacks - VERY basic and brief overview
  • Industry 4.0 – friend or foe?
  • The CIA triangle – oh yes, and keeping it private
  • Basic cyber equipment – hardware and software to keep data safe
  • Policies – paper is still your friend
  • HR’s role - hiring, training and firing correctly
  • Governance – how cyber fits within company strategy, mission, vision, values and goals
  • Contracts, Compliance and CMMC – want to keep your customers and stay out of jail?
  • The Cloud – is it just all fluff and can it keep your data safe?
  • Resources – you are not alone; we really are here to help!

There will be a time for Q&A after the presentation.


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Tuesday, October 11, 2022 (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM) (EDT)
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